Modigliani’s painting


Modigliani’s painting

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Roman Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hèbuterne are called one of the most tragic love story in the history of art of the XX century.
They met in February 1917 and immediately became a couple: he is 33 year old, she is 19. Jeanne also painted, but for the sake of Modigliani, she forgot about her creativity and talent.
Modigliani created 27 portraits of her. “She was slim as gothic sculpture, with two long braids and blue eyes in a shape of almonds”- Modigliani wrote about Jeanne.
Her family was shocked – bohemian alcoholic, sick with tuberculosis- didn’t seem to be like a good party for their daughter.
When Jeanne got pregnant, he admitted the child, and after the second child, he proposed.
But he died of tuberculosis meningitis before the wedding.
Jeanne Hèbuterne committed a suicide the next day- jump out of the window. “Modi- is a genius and angel. When he dies, everyone will understand this”- said Jeanne.
So, it happened, today Modigliani’s paintings are considered to be the most exhibited. ♠️

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